About Us

Hi, my name is Mary Ann (MAK), and I am the owner and founder of ShopPOEi.  I have been working in the business world for over 30 years and I have always had a passion for the arts, antiques and business.  In 2017, I was given the opportunity to start something new and ShopPOEi was born.  

POEi is an acronym which stands for Platform of Exquisite Items. With internet sales growing dramatically over the last few years, I felt it was the best venue for the gallery.   ShopPOEi is an online internet gallery that offers a wide variety of unique treasures from original artwork, superb photography, jewelry, home decor and much more. 

The philosophy is to provide talented artists the opportunity to share their beautiful creations with unlimited people looking to find a unique treasure.

Our mission is to provide exciting and exquisite items for home décor, bridal, birthday and holiday gift items or for the everyday collector.

Experience the fun of finding your treasure!