Connie Ricchio


At ShopPOEi, we are delighted to introduce Connie Ricchio.  Connie is one of Southern California’s finest fused glass artists.

Connie started her passion for art in the city of La Habra, CA where she spent her formative years.

Her early training started at the age of 12, where Connie learned art of stained glass.  After her marriage to Sam, Connie became acquainted with the art of fused glass.  She took several classes in a small art store in her current home town of Yorba Linda.  During these classes, Connie learned the basics of the fused glass process.   

Together, Connie and Sam have 3 sons.  Their youngest son, Nick, plays the cello and the piano in the church’s music ministry.  Connie is a Eucharistic Minister at Santa Clara de Asis Church and a black belt in Taekwondo.  Her hobbies include knitting, sewing and cake decorating.

Connie creates magnificent, handcrafted, fusion glass art work.  Connie uses a specialty compounded glass powder, unique molds and extremely high heat over 1000 degrees F to form her masterpieces.  Her elegant, handmade, contemporary fusion art is stunning and yet, extremely functional glassware.  We are proud to announce that “Designs by Connie” will be exhibited on POEi.