Tracy Lee Longstreth

Tracy’s outstanding and detailed paintings were inspired by the masters (Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo and more).  He has spent a lifetime in the arts as a musician and artist.  He loves his wife, Jadwiga, his children and grandchildren.  He enjoys painting with acrylics, playing the piano and drums in his band – Tracy Longstreth Trio, surfing in the Pacific and riding in his VW bus mainly in Southern CA!

Tracy is a native of Santa Ana, CA and during his education, he excelled in all his art classes and received A++ in drafting.  His grandfather was a marine architect and he attributes the detail and precision to the blood in his genes.

He is an accomplished musician.  He has received four gold records on drums and he has traveled the western hemisphere playing every major city in North America.

Tracy loves impressionism.  He has a tendency towards realism with a unique perspective.

On, you will find some of Tracy’s masterpieces; however, he can be commissioned to create in-home murals, an acrylic painting of a favor photo and/or a sentimental scene.

We are thrilled to present Tracy Longstreth – accomplish artist – on